Teak Furniture Care Video Demonstration

Watch this video to see all the steps to restore a teak bench to look almost brand new.
Don’t you agree the bench looks fantastic after they’ve finished it?

You can find more tips on how to care for teak furniture if you click here.

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Caring for Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak garden furniture is the highest quality backyard furniture available. Teak outdoor furniture is also quite simple to care for. Teak has unique qualities that make furniture made from teak the best for use outside. It takes just a small amount care to look good for many years.

Teak garden furniture and wooden decking

It is best to clean your teak furniture occasionally to prevent any buildup of dirt or dust. You may spray with a garden hose without high pressure to rinse the dust and dirt away. Afterwards, using a soft bristled brush, rub the teak wood delicately with a mix of warm water, detergent, and a couple tablespoons of bleach. After this, rinse again with clean water. Dry the surface using a towel finally.

Teak garden furniture that remains outdoors will by nature start to slowly change color from the golden color of fresh wood to be a silver color. The process of teak turning silver-gray is natural and merely cosmetic. The process does not reduce the stability of your outdoor furniture.

There are people really like the golden tone of brand new teak outdoor furniture and make use of teak oil as a way to maintain the honey color. But teak oil is not good because it must be retreated every three months once you begin using it. Teak oil will also improve the probability for mildew and black spots to grow. A better idea is to treat with teak sealer annually after cleaning your teak outdoor furniture if you want to try to keep the golden color.

You may select to get furniture covers to protect your teak garden furniture, especially for the winter season or if your home is in an area with a lot of dust. If you select to use covers, make sure to employ furniture covers made with a breathable fabric. Do not buy a plastic cover which is going to trap moisture. It would raise the possibility of mold growing on the wood.

Difficult stains like red wine and coffee can get taken care of by sanding the very top layer of the teak patio. Begin with a grade medium paper and then finish with a fine grade to make the surface of the teak nice and smooth. Sanding like this is another way of bringing out the golden color of teakwood because you are exposing a fresh layer of teak wood which is still full of the oil of the wood.

So you can see, your teak outdoor furniture can last many years with little care from you. Since it lasts such a long time, teak is better than other kinds of wood. You will know that any teak patio set you purchase at this time can be enjoyed by your family in the future.

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